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Time to Move, a furniture storage company in Kuwait, is the best choice for everyone, as we offer a lot of high-quality integrated services that will impress all customers, including furniture dismantling and packaging, as well as furniture installation service when you need to get installation again, we provide you with the best equipped stores on The highest level and has all the international specifications with providing all the necessary guarantees for complete safety.

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Time to Move provides all customers with professional services in the field of moving furniture in Kuwait. We have more than 10 years of experience in this field. We have a team that is highly loyal and efficient in work. All moving requirements are provided, including boxes and packaging materials dedicated to each piece of furniture to ensure the completion The moving process is smooth and without problems.

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Time to Move, a furniture storage company in Kuwait, works to provide that service, as storing furniture is an important matter for every person who may need to travel or move away for long periods to prepare for activity and return to work with positive energy when making the decision to travel and leave the house with all What is in it of furniture or home furnishings.

This process takes place in many different stages, so when you search for a company specialized in this task, you must choose a company that is familiar with all these stages, such as Time to Move, so that this process can be completed to the fullest.

Time to Move is the best  storage for a furniture company in Kuwait due to several factors that qualified us to be like that

We are distinguished from furniture storage companies with honesty and speed in work
Highly trained workers and technicians
Great experience in the various furniture storages business for each piece of furniture
Furniture storaging service at a cheap and inexpensive price while ensuring the quality of services provided


When you communicate with us, you will find that the first thing we do in a furniture storages company in Kuwait is for our company to send a representative to you so that the pieces of furniture that you want to move to our warehouses are viewed and the number of workers specialized in the work of dismantling furniture, packaging and moving is determined


We provide you with all the needs of boxes and packaging requirements that you want to obtain, in addition to providing you with all the latest trucks and hydraulic lifters that work to lower the luggage from the upper floors, we know the importance of your furniture and do our best to protect it.


Time to Move is considered one of the best furniture moving companies in Kuwait in fast, safe and economical transportation at the same time we offer the finest services and the highest quality. Our team of professional technicians will come to you and take care of the entire furniture cleaning and packing process. Then packing and loading the furniture in appropriate boxes so that your furniture is moved and stored safely inside our warehouse


You can store our furniture, whatever the size of your movables, we can meet all the needs of modern storage of luggage through our company Time to Move, a furniture storages company in Kuwait, in our secured warehouses. Furniture storages company in Jahra Furniture storages company in Farwaniya Furniture storages company in Hawally Furniture storages company in Mubarak Al-Kabeer Furniture storages company in Ahmadi Furniture storages company in EL-Assma


How do we store furniture in Time to Move

Storing your furniture with us Whatever the size of your movables, we can meet all your needs for modern storage of furniture through our company Time to Move, a furniture storages company in Kuwait in our secured warehouses.


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Because we always care about the quality of service that we provide to all customers wherever they are in all governorates of Kuwait. Because we always take care of all safety and security precautions in every baggage storage process.

We also deserve this position that we have reached with our current classification as the best professional companies in Kuwait in the integrated furniture storage service. We always work for the comfort of our customers and provide them with all the comforts in moving the furniture from its old place to the new one and then storing it professionally.

The first furniture storage company in Kuwait, Time to Move, is one of the best furniture storage companies in Kuwait at all.

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